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The company has German make electronically controlled asphalt producing plants. Attached to the plants is a full fledged quality control laboratory to carry out daily testing of both raw materials and finished products. All the products consistently meet the independent testing criteria of the Ministry of Works in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Eastern Asphalt has since its inception involved with many major roads construction such as Muharraq East Ring Road, Salmaniya Road, Manama South Ring Road , Manama Sitra Causeway, National Loop Road, Asry Causeway, Manama West Road, Muasker Highway and so on. Since the year 1978, the division has been carrying out surfacing and reinstatement road works under term contracts for the Ministry of Works, Kingdom of Bahrain. Many tendered contracts have been executed for other Ministries too. Eastern Asphalt has also carried out works for some reputed private clients such as Alba, Bapco, GPIC, and many more. In 1990/91 during Gulf war major urgent works have been executed for US Central Command. The division carries a large fleet of heavy equipment and mobile plants to undertake jobs of any magnitude. The fleet includes road rollers, pavers, graders, wheel loaders excavators, bull-dozers, trucks, tankers, trailor trucks, milling machines etc.


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