Eamco's Chairman Message

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EAMCO was founded on three simple principles : operational excellence, quality products and superior customer service. More than three decades later, we zealously uphold these principles.
They are not only the cornerstones of our success but also our pathfinders into the future. EAMCO has adapted to all the changes in the market environment and successfully evolved and diversified. Today, our corporate standing is a testament to this ability. Our corporate values centre around our customers in all our relationships, integrity in all commitments, uncompromising quality and individual empowerment. These ideals define our reputation today. As we expand and diversify seeking new frontiers to explore and develop, we are confident that our values will guide us on the right path.We record here our sincere appreciation and thanks to our vast clientele, associates and employees for their inspiring confidence, contribution and support in all our endeavour. As we look forward to a challenging and rewarding future, EAMCO stands committed to the philosophies and ideals that have brought us so far.
Abdulaziz Al’ali